Hello world! There is so much music I enjoy listening to across every genre.

The way I listen to music is the same way I write it, I’m style agnostic… Like water. I flow and erode all obstacles that I can’t shatter on contact.

This is the first installation of a series of Mixtapes you’ll find in this section of our humble abode in the internet.

This mix I call Pangea, as in when the geography of the earth was just one big island surrounded by the oceans.

Oh, and we have a release date for all of you who’ve been reaching out asking when the album is coming. Stay tuned! Until then, close your eyes and let the music take you places.

pangea minimix Featured Image

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#GetUp #ExpandYourMind – Reflections at #JoshuaTree from the upcoming #PachaMassive #Podcast #Stay+!

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The Things You Do

I don’t know anyone else’s songs, I spend most of my time writing my own :) but while out in LA I learned this one for one of the people I love most in the world, is hers and my favorite… #IsThisLove by #BobMarley …Read More

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