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Pacha Massive’s album “Normal” is a musical escape to the Caribbean. The Jetset sound they bring is a unique blend of tropical, Latin American, and electronic dance music that is sure to get you moving. “Veneno” featuring Gabriel Pagan, “Normal” with its upbeat dancehall beat, and “Dime” with its chill reggaeton vibe, are just a few highlights of the album’s diversity and versatility. These tracks showcase Pacha Massive’s expertise in blending diverse musical styles, creating a dynamic and infectious sound that is both fresh and reminiscently hot like the Caribbean. This album is a must-listen for fans of tropical and Caribbean music, as well as anyone who enjoys a good dance party.

“Today Pacha Massive redefines what it means to be Normal with their brand new ten-track full-length of the same name” _KUTX98.9

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