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Pre-save “To The Moon” New single out 6/16/23

πŸŒ• Pre-save Pacha Massive’s “To The Moon” ft. Anya Marina and Prepare for Lift-off! πŸš€

Get ready for an electrifying collaboration as Pacha Massive and Anya Marina join forces on their new single “To The Moon.” Combining Pacha Massive’s Tropical beats (known from “Don’t Let Go” on EA Sports’ FIFA and “Pachangueando” on The Heartbreak Kid) with Anya Marina’s soulful vocals (famous for “Satellite Heart” on Twilight: New Moon). This track is set to launch on June 16th.

Pre-save “To The Moon” and be among the first to explore the captivating melodies and infectious energy of this extraordinary collaboration. Secure your spot in this cosmic voyage today!😎

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